I've been very happy with Statpac for the five years I've used it. Statpac is extremely easy to use for everything from descriptive stats to crosstabs and banners to regressions and other advanced analyses. It is especially easy to create and edit your survey format (variables, names, labels, etc) -- maybe because it seems to be made specifically for survey research instead of for other sorts of research data. You have a fair amount of flexibility in setting the appearance of tables, and they look very good. The guy who created Statpac does the customer support himself and has always been extremely responsive. I haven't had any problems with it, but the few questions I've had have all been answered quickly and thoroughly".

Jerold Pearson
Director of Market Research
Stanford University

"If I haven't said it before, your program essentially put me in business back in 1984 when this was available only on mainframe. Thanks for all your efforts".

Dave Roberts, Ph.D.
Roberts Communications Market Research
Austin, Texas

"I have been using Statpac since sometime in the early '80's and it is the best in so many ways I can't say enough good things about it. I got my University to buy it also. I would be pleased to endorse, spread the word, whatever, for the package. It is the best I have ever seen for teaching, presenting findings and quick but thorough analysis".

Brian Vargus
Director, Indiana University Public Opinion Lab.
President Opinion Research and Evaluation, Inc.
Professor, Political Science, Communication Sciences and Philanthropic Studies

"You have always had a fantastic and easy to use product. Keep up the good work".

Doris Davidoff
Davidoff Associates, Inc.
Bowie MD

"I bought a new computer and just tested some banner tables for a study I'm working on. I can hardly believe how great your new update works. Between the new StatPac and the new computer, I'm saving hours and hours of time. I especially love the way that StatPac formats my tables as an MS Word document. These new tables are beautiful! I'm anxious to see what you come up with next! So congratulations and thanks! You can continue to count me among your most devoted fans and supporters".

Jerry Grotta
Grotta Marketing Research
Burleson TX

I've been a customer since 1984 and with this kind of personal customer service, intend to be for at least another 15.

Tom Wilson
Group W Communications, LLC
Los Angeles CA

As an independent consultant on a limited budget, I was restricted to the number of statistical software packages available. I needed an all-in-one statistics program that included data entry, banners and advanced statistics capabilities. StatPac offers all that and more!

I was pleasantly surprised to the ease of importing and exporting data with other software programs. Not only can I import or export easily with spreadsheet and database programs, but importing a word document takes only a few clicks and StatPac saves me from recreating a survey.

StatPac is also easy to learn. I would not consider myself a computer expert, but learning what I needed of StatPac to design a data entry program and to create a set of banners took only a few hours. If you do ever have any questions or concerns, the technical support is second to none.

Jeffrey S. Cook, Project Director
Cook Research & Consulting, Inc.
Edina, MN

You can use me as a reference any time. I knew nothing about this stuff and your program was so user friendly it got me up quickly.. especially data entry.

Jim Bray
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ

I will say this. After working with StatPac for a few months now, I am really happy with the program....For what it does, and for how it has performed, I think it's excellent!! It has paid for itself many times over.

Donald Winspear, President
Crescent Research, Inc.
Dallas, TX

Just a short note to say how much I appreciate your product. I have used StatPac for many years (since 1992), and have never been disappointed with its quality. Nice work!

Larry W. Norton, Ph.D.
Organizational Development Consulting
The Woodlands, TX

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