Automatic analysis of open-ended text

"It won't work!"

That's what I said to Herb when he told me about his idea to automatically code open-ended text responses. I thought of a hundred reasons why the English language was too complex for a computer to evaluate. There were issues of spelling, grammar, context, singulars and plurals, tense, possessives, prepositions, adverbs, adjectives, sentence construction, and who knows what else!

But Herb was persistent. He convinced me to write Verbatim Blaster, the ultimate automatic open-ended response coding program. It wasn't easy. I had to make the computer "understand" the rules from my old English grammar textbook. Finally, after several hundred hours of programming, I was ready to try it on some real open-ended text. Frankly, I had no idea how well it would work. But when I told it to process a file of open-ended text from a past study, I was floored!

It took Verbatim Blaster about 20 seconds to analyze 150 open-ended responses, and the summary it provided was truly meaningful. I spent about fifteen minutes refining the response categories and let Verbatim Blaster take another crack at it. This time, the coding was perfect. Originally, I had spent four hours summarizing the open-ended responses and Verbatim Blaster had done the same thing in a few minutes.

Your time savings with Verbatim Blaster will be extraordinary! You'll save hundreds of dollars every time you use it. Plus, you'll get the added security of knowing that a consistent coding scheme is being used for all respondents.

Verbatim Blaster will change the way you look at coding verbatim responses. You'll never worry again about how long it will take to summarize open-ended questions from your surveys. They'll become as easy to analyze as the quantitative questions.

Even better, Verbatim Blaster is built right into the StatPac for Windows Basic Statistics Module, so it's easy to create reports with the coded data. And you'll be able to import any ASCII text file, even one created with a word processor.

Does this sound unbelievable? It did to least until I tried it. I thought that open-ended responses in my studies were far too complex for any kind of automated coding. I didn't believe Verbatim Blaster would work until I saw it with my own eyes. That's why I want you to "see it with your own eyes".

Try Verbatim Blaster with your own data

Try it out on your own open-ended responses. Give it a real "no-holds-barred" workout. When you see the time savings with your own data, you'll be amazed.

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