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StatPac for Windows Survey Software
 (unlimited time, unlimited surveys, up to 35 respondents per survey)

        StatPac for Windows survey software demo download (Version 14.0)
        User's Guide for StatPac for Windows survey software  (475 pages)
        Tutorials: Learn StatPac for Windows tutorials
        Free Hosting for Your Online Survey


Statistics Calculator Software Demo
 (works for 30 days)

        Statistics Calculator software demo download
        Statistics Calculator application notes


Free Chapter from Survival Statistics Book
 (chapter on designing questionnaires)

        Tutorial on designing and using surveys and questionnaires
        Selected topics from Survival Statistics


Free Research Related White Papers

        The Research Process
        Basic Research Concepts
        Steps to Follow when Designing a Survey
        How to Write a Research Proposal or Paper
        Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Questionnaires
        An Overview of Forecasting Methodology
        A Selection of Customer Satisfaction and Employee Opinion Surveys



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