Data Manager

Double Entry Verification

StatPac performs validity and range checking on all data entered. However, some people prefer to use a Double Entry Verification method to further reduce data entry error. Using this method, all the data is first entered into a data file. Then the data is entered again and compared against the first data during the second data entry process. Discrepancies are brought to the attention of the data entry person and they are resolved in real time during data entry.

To begin Double Entry Verification open the data file to be verified and select Options, Double Entry Verification. All the existing data will be "hidden" from the user, and it will appear that you are ready to begin entering data beginning with the first record. As each field is entered it is compared with the existing data. Skip patterns will be followed as if this were the same as entering a new data record. Discrepancies will be highlighted and you will be able to specify whether to use the new data or original data. Once a field has been verified, its data will no longer be hidden.

Obviously, Double Entry Verification works only if surveys are entered in exactly the same order as the original data entry. When operating in the Double Entry Verification mode, each time a new record is displayed, the field data will appear blank even if that record was already verified. Thus, if the data entry person stops midway through the verification process, it is important they note the record number they were working on when they stopped, so they can begin at that record when they return.