Unregistering & Removing the Software from a PC

StatPac for Windows is copyrighted and should not be registered on more than one computer at a time (without a Network License Agreement) with the following single exception. StatPac Inc. specifically grants you the right to install the software on one additional computer, provided that both computers will not run the software simultaneously.

Examples of typical installations would be: 1) one home and one office computer, 2) one office computer and a laptop computer, 3) one main computer and one backup computer, 4) your computer and your technical support personís computer. You are specifically prohibited from installing two copies of the software where there will be two simultaneous users of the software.

When you register the software, it is converted from a demo version to a full version. After registering StatPac, you can unregister it from one machine and then register it on another machine. When you unregister the software, it is converted from a full version back to a demo.

Unregistering the software will enable you to install and register the package on a different computer. Select Help, Enter UNLOCK Code. Type [Ctrl S]. A minus sign will be added to the beginning of the serial number. Type your UNLOCK code. Click OK to unregister the software. The copy on that computer will be changed to a demo version and you will then be able to register it on another computer. It is not necessary to actually remove the package after unregistering it. You may keep the demo version on that computer so it will be easy to reregister it on that computer in the future.

After unregistering the package, you may remove it from that computer by selecting Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, and click on StatPac All the files from the directory where you installed the software will be removed. All files that you created (codebooks, data files, etc.) will not be deleted.