A selection of customer satisfaction 
and employee opinion surveys

The following customer satisfaction and employee opinion surveys are not real. No data is actually being collected. They are presented here only as examples of the types of questions that might be asked to elicit the opinions and attitudes of customers and employees. Feel free to use these questions in your own surveys and to modify them to fit your situation.

If you have downloaded StatPac, you can use these surveys as question libraries for your own customer satisfaction surveys and employee opinion surveys. 

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Customer Satisfaction for a Retail Store - This survey might be used by a retail store chain wanting to know how customers feel about their stores. It is designed to identify areas needing improvement. 

Restaurant Customer Satisfaction Survey - This survey is specifically designed for a hotel restaurant wanting to learn about their patrons dining experience. It explores customer satisfaction in the areas of food quality and service.

Customer Service Feedback Survey - This survey is for customers who recently spoke with a customer service representative. It might be used to identify weak areas in a customer service department.

Employee Satisfaction Survey - This survey looks at employee opinions about their company, especially in areas associated with personal satisfaction. It might be used by an HR department to assess overall employee satisfaction in a corporate climate.

Customer Service Commitment Survey - Short six-item survey that looks at how employees perceive their company with respect to issue of quality service.

New Product Market Research Survey - After distributing a prototype of a new product to a sample, this survey lets participants report their experience with the product. It specifically looks at issues related to the marketability of a new "widget".

Product Registration & Evaluation Survey - Product registration provides an excellent opportunity to do market research. This survey attempts to find out how various factors affect a customer's buying decision. Learn which attributes are perceived to be associated with your product.

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