StatPac's Survey Research Library is one of the best on the Internet.

In fact, it's so good that it has been plagiarized hundreds (maybe thousands) of times on other Web sites. About half of the sites leave our copyright message (it's still illegal, but at least they're not trying to pass it as their own work). The rest of the sites just copy the content and pass it off as their own. Some are even charging for our papers that we give away for free.

I'm David Walonick, author of our entire research library. Until recently, it didn't bother me that so many people we're plagiarizing my writings. After all, the idea was to make the information readily available.

However, Google recently changed their ranking algorithm. We've been pushed far down their listings and we no longer appear on the first page. This destroyed my company. In the survey software business, you don't survive if people can't find you.

The reason is because Google sees our content on thousands of Web sites and thinks that we're part of a content farm... they don't know (and don't care) that we're the original author. The sites that are plagiarizing our work should be penalized... not us.

I'm now trying to rebuild our company and I still want to provide the information for free. Therefore, before giving you access, I want your word that you will not repost our material on the Internet. You can link to it, but you can't duplicate it on another Web site.

I agree not to duplicate any of StatPac's Survey Research Library on another Web site.

Please type your email address and then click the "I Agree" button.  Our auto-responder will immediately send you a link for full access to our research library.



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