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Statistics Calculator is an easy-to-use program designed to perform a series of basic statistical procedures related to distributions and probabilities. Most of the procedures are called inferential because data from a sample is used to infer to a population.

The menu bar of Statistic Calculator contains eight choices. These represent the basic types of operations that can be performed by the software.

The Exit menu item is used to exit the software.

The Distributions menu item is the electronic equivalent of probability tables. Algorithms are included for the z, t, F, and chi-square distributions. This selection may be used to find probabilities and critical values for the four statistics.

The Counts menu item contains routines to analyze a contingency table of counts, compute Fisher's exact probability for two-by-two tables, use the binomial distribution to predict the probability of a specified outcome, and the poisson distribution to test the likelihood of observing a specified number of events.

The Percents menu item is used to compare two percents. Algorithms are included to compare proportions drawn from one or two samples. There is also a menu option to calculate confidence intervals around a percent.

The Means menu item is used to calculate a mean and standard deviation of a sample, compare two means to each other, calculate a confidence interval around a mean, compare a sample mean to a population mean, compare two standard deviations to each other, and compare three or more standard deviations.

The Correlation menu item is used to calculate correlation and simple linear regression statistics for paired data. Algorithms are included for ordinal and interval data.

The Sampling menu item is used to determine the required sample size for a study. The software can be used for problems involving percents and means.

The Help menu item is used to get this on-line help.

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