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If you need statistical analysis, then an essential program in your toolbox is the Statistics Calculator. Using a fill-in-the-form interface, you can quickly and easily perform significance tests on summary data.

With most statistical analysis software, you have to have the raw data. You need the entire data set in order to run even a simple statistical test. The Statistics Calculator is different. It let's you perform significance tests from summary data: counts, percents, or means.

The main menu of the Statistics Calculator makes it easy to select the right test.

If you already have the means or percents, then use the Statistics Calculator to quickly get the answers. You can make comparisons on the fly and include them in your report. Just fill in the form and click then Calculate button. Here's an example of a fill-in-the form screen to test for a significant difference between two percents:

If it looks easy...that's because it is. Anyone can use the software. You don't have to be a statistician or rocket scientist. The Statistics Calculator is an indispensable tool for anyone working with business or social science data.

Plus there's extensive online help with an abundance of examples to answer all your questions. Here's what's in the Statistics Calculator with links to the online help.

  • Critical values and probabilities for the z, t, F, and chi-square distributions
  • Chi-square test for one and two-way tables
  • Fisher's exact test for two-by-two tables
  • Binomial distribution to predict the probability of a specified outcome
  • Poisson distribution to test the likelihood of observing a specified number of events
  • Compare percents from one or two samples
  • Calculate confidence intervals around a percent
  • Calculate a mean and standard deviation of a sample
  • Compare two means to each other
  • Calculate a confidence interval around a mean
  • Compare a sample mean to a population mean
  • Compare two standard deviations
  • Compare three or more means
Correlation and Regression
  • Calculate Pearson's product-moment correlation
  • Calculate Spearman's rank-difference correlation
  • Calculate simple linear regression statistics
  • Estimate the required sample size for a studies involving percents and means

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