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Details About the Modules

Basic Statistics Module - StatPac's basic statistics module includes study design, data management, basic statistical analyses, graphics, and the statistics calculator. It will produce beautifully formatted frequency tables, descriptive statistics, and crosstab and banner tables. ($695)

Web Survey Module - The web survey module includes study design, data management, e-mail list management, a bulk e-mail program, web survey design, upload and download capabilities, and the ability to export the data to Access or to a tab or comma delimited text file. It does not include any analysis capabilities. ($495)

Technical Support/Maintenance Agreement - New users receive technical support and updates for three months. Most users also purchase a technical support/maintenance agreement which covers technical support and software updates for one year. ($150 per year).

Special Combination Offer - Purchase the basic statistics module, the web survey module, and a one-year technical support/maintenance agreement for $995 (a savings of $345). This special combination offer is only available when all three are purchased together. Regular prices apply if purchased separately.

Advanced Statistics Module - All the popular advanced multivariate statistical techniques are included in this powerful add-on module. Most of our users do not need these advanced statistical procedures, but if you do they're here for you. ($495)

Additional Data Manager - Install just the data manager on a separate computer so multiple data entry people can be entering data simultaneously. Ideal for high volume data entry. ($195 for a single user or $995 for unlimited users)

Student Version of StatPac for Windows - The student version is the same as the full version except there is a limit of 100 data records (respondents) per file. It includes the basic analysis module, web survey module, and the advanced analyses module. Technical support is not provided to users of the student version who have not also purchased a one-year technical support/maintenance agreement. ($95)

Multiple User / Network / Site License Agreement - StatPac for Windows with a perpetual license for 10 users on a network or stand-alone computers. It includes the basic analysis module, web survey module, the advanced analyses module, and one year of technical support. ($2,495)

Discounts and Upgrades

Additional Copies - 50% discount on additional copies of all products except the technical support/maintenance agreement.

Academic & Nonprofit Organizations - 15% discount on all prices except the student version and the technical support/maintenance agreement.

Upgrade from a Previous Version of StatPac - Free if you have a current technical support agreement. Technical support and upgrade costs depend on how long ago your support agreement expired ($150-$350)

Competitive Upgrade Discount - You are eligible for a $100 discount if upgrading from another survey software software product. See eligible products


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