Basic Statistics

The Basic Statistics module is the most popular program we offer. It will produce beautifully formatted frequency tables, descriptive statistics, and crosstab and banner tables.

  • Complete selection of statistical procedures
  • Best crosstab & banner tables in the industry
  • Custom design statistical analysis tables and graphics
  • Automatically codes verbatim text responses
  • Complete import and export capabilities
  • Interactive and batch processing
  • All reports can be loaded directly into MS Word

Web Surveys

The Web Survey module has everything you need to conduct online surveys and e-mail questionnaires. Our Web Survey program contains an extensive set of features to help you easily create standard HTML pages and automatically upload them to your own web site or use ours for free. Once created, HTML pages can be edited with any editor (e.g., Front Page, Expression Web, or Dreamweaver). It also has a bulk email program to send invitations to potential respondents. Use it to capture, clean, sort, join, split, and serialize e-mails.

  • Full e-mail list capture and maintenance capabilities
  • Handles huge e-mail lists limited only by RAM memory (500,000+ names)
  • Includes a bulk e-mailer to send customized and serialized e-mail invitations
  • Track who responded and send reminder e-mails to those who didn't
  • Create single and multiple-page web surveys. Large variety of question types.  (Samples)
  • Online surveys support passwords, branching, and validity checking
  • Store respondents' answers in a file on your server or have them e-mailed to you
  • Merge information from an existing data base with respondents' answers to a survey
  • Automatically upload and download files to and from your own server (or ours)
  • Export the data to Access or a tab or comma delimited text file.

Advanced Statistics

The Advanced Statistics module is not needed by most of our users. It contains programs to perform the multivariate statistical techniques used by advanced level researchers. If you need statistical analysis procedures like curve fitting, multiple regression, logistic regression, factor analysis, analysis of variance, discriminant function analysis, cluster analysis, and canonical correlation, then order the Advanced Statistics module. It can be used with the Basic Statistics module or as a stand-alone module to provide sophisticated mutivariate analytical capabilities.

System Requirements

StatPac for Windows requires the following environment:

  • PC with Windows 9x, 2000, NT, XP, Vista or Windows 7, 8, & 10  (runs on Mac with Windows emulator)
  • 512M RAM memory minimum (more memory increases processing speed)
  • 55 megabytes of hard drive space for the software (plus space for your data)
  • Any printer

Limits of the Software

  • Question type: none - handles all survey question types and response types
  • Language: any single byte character set  (does not handle double-byte character sets)
  • Length of variable names and variable labels: no limit
  • Number of response categories per variable: no limit
  • Number of questions per survey: 2,000
  • Number of respondents per survey 10,000,000

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