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Creating an Internet Survey

In order to show a survey on the Internet, you need a server to "host" the survey. You can host your surveys on your own Web site server or the StatPac server.

If you will be using the StatPac server, you may skip this page.

If you will be using your own server, you need to tell StatPac about it. Select Server > Setup.

The server setup window will be displayed. The online help and User's Guide contain detailed information and examples on setting up your server.

The left side of the screen contain the information required to connect to your FTP server.

StatPac supports two types of servers: 1) Unix / Linux and 2) Windows NT / IIS. When you make a Server Type selection, the most likely Paths and Folders settings will be filled in. The settings are probably correct but may need to be changed for you server.

The domain name should be specified without an http or www prefix. For example, yourdomain.com.

The FTP Server is the address of the FTP server. It almost always your domain name with an "ftp." prefix. For example, ftp.yourdomain.com. It could even be an IP address.

Your Username and Password will be provided by your ISP. Usernames and passwords are usually case sensitive, so use care when entering the information.

The right side of the screen describes the folder structure.

Web surveys will not function properly unless you get the settings right. There is a good chance that the default settings are correct, but not necessarily.

When you log in to your server using an FTP program, you'll be sitting in the "ftp login folder" on the server. Your wwwroot folder is the folder where you put your Web site HTML files. You should see your Web site home page in that folder. It might be the FTP login folder or it might be a subfolder All of these are likely subfolder names.

     yourdomain name.com

If your FTP login folder is the same as your wwwroot folder, then leave this setting blank. If your wwwroot folder is in a subfolder, specify the subfolder name.

The CGI script folder is easy to identify because it is nearly always called cgi-bin or cgi. It is usually a subfolder of the wwwroot folder. Specify the path as the full path to the folder beginning at the FTP login folder.

The Response Storage Folder is where respondents answers will be stored.

The Server Path to Perl is the absolute path where Perl is installed on your server.

If you will be using your server to send email, you also need to specify a mail method and it's associated information.


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