Version: 10.0

Version 10.0 contains numerous new features and changes throughout the package. We encourage all users to download a new User's Guide,

Here is a brief summary.

1) Updates can now be obtained from the Help Menu in the software. Installations and updates are limited to two computers and will be verified by our server. 

2) The codebook safety feature has been enhanced to provide more versatility.

3) Codebook and date conversion programs have been added to the utility menu.

4) The defaults file (StatPac.ini) can be loaded into the workspace and edited.

5) The Let command has new functionality to create a numerically coded variable from an alpha variable.

6) The web survey module has been dramatically improved but is not compatible with previous versions of the web survey module. A new perl program ( replaces much of the javascript used in previous versions. The user is encouraged to read the new documentation before installing version 10.0. Download User's Guide

     a) Version 10.0 will import data collected from a survey created with a previous version of the web survey module,

     b) If you are currently in the process of developing a new web survey, you should delete the .htmlscript file
        (if it exists) before switching to the new version. 

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