Version: 11.0

Version 11 contains numerous new features and changes throughout the package. The user is encouraged to review the new documentation before installing version 11. Download User's Guide

Here is a brief summary.

1) The Web Survey Module has been dramatically improved but is not compatible with previous versions of the Web Survey Module. Version 11 will import data collected from a survey created with a previous version of the web survey module, but it will not recognize previously created .htmlscript files.

All other files remain the same and are compatible with version 11. Previous codebooks, data files, procedure files are 100% compatible.   

2) A Server Setup window lets you configure StatPac for your own server. This simplifies all other Web survey procedures by allowing StatPac to make the necessary changes to perl scripts and other files.

3) We added a new hosting domain Users can select their own private folder name and change it as desired.

4) Auto Transfer to and from the server is essentially the same as if you used your own server.

5) An FTP program has been added to manually control the files on your server or ours.

6) The Internet Survey Design script window has been enhanced to allow editing of the settings via a form as well as the script itself.

7) Password protected surveys have been simplified.

8) Many new commands have been added to the script.

9) Right click context menus and help have been added to the script.

10) The SS option in banners has been enhanced to allow you to sort the stub excluding the last one or more value labels. For example SS=D1 would sort the stub in descending order by frequency, except it would leave the last value label as the last row regardless of its frequency.

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