Version: 12.0

Version 12 contains three major additions/changes and numerous minor enhancements and bug fixes.

Here is a brief summary of the major changes:

1) StatPac now runs on native Vista and Windows 7. Vista users no longer need to turn off the UAC and Windows 7 users do not need to run the package in an XP compatibility Window.

2) Sliders have been added to the Web Survey Module. A slider looks like this:


Pessimism/Optimism Rating

  Very Pessimistic


Very Optimistic


On a scale of 0 to 100, what is your opinion about the future of our economy?

The Slider command may be used as an alternative way to present psychometric scaling items or a textbox requiring a numeric response. The slider will never be created as a default object. If you want to use a slider, you must modify the script by changing a Radio or Textbox command to a Slider command.

For example: On a scale of 0 to 100, what is your opinion about the future of our economy?

In the codebook, you would define the variable as N3 and set the value labels to 0-100.

The default script would be: TextBox Opinion
You would change the script to be: Slider Opinion

Parameters are used for labeling the slider. The parameters are separated from each other by commas. The format for the parameters is: (Title, Low Label, Middle Label, High Label)

Slider (Pessimism/Optimism Rating, Very Pessimistic, Neutral, Very Optimistic) Opinion

For complete information about the slider, type Slider as a line in the script and right click to select help.

3) An automatic Topline procedure can be created. It will contain basic analyses for all the variables in a study and consists of frequencies, descriptive statistics, and listings of open-ended comments.

When you click on the Analysis button, StatPac will ask if you want to create an automatic Topline procedure file. After you've run any analysis and the file exists, you will not be asked the question again (unless you delete the file).

The report generated by an automatic Topline will provide a good summary of the data. If you're just after "answers" and not particularly concerned about labeling, the automatic Topline procedures can be run "as is".  If you want a "camera-ready" report, you'll want to edit the procedures (especially the Tile and Options commands). Most users will view the automatically generated Topline a solid foundation rather than and end-product.

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