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Date Description
10/9/02 Released new version 8.1
1/8/03 Released new version 8.2
1/25/04 Released new version 9.0
9/25/05 Released new version 10.0  (Application Notes)
10/5/05 Fixed problem that limited analyses to one million records.
Fixed default folders when working with email lists.
Fixed repeating heading in popup windows for Internet surveys.
Improved SMTP error correction when sending bulk e-mail.
Added History link to the Help, Download Software Updates selection.
10/14/05 Added Cancel button to tab and comma delimited import.
Fixed bug in banners total column when TY=P option is specified.
Added automatic update to check for updates each day under Format menu selection.
10/23/05 Added ability to cancel a registration on a computer so the software can be moved to another computer. Select Help, Enter UNLOCK Code. Type [Ctrl S]. Add a minus sign to the beginning of the serial number and type your UNLOCK code. Click OK.
10/30/05 Released new version 10.1. Added question and response choice randomizations (rotations) for variables and value labels. New and loader.txt files.
11/15/05 Changed banners when TY=P and no weighting. The program now uses the TA option to determine how to calculate a total column..
11/22/05 Fixed path problem in popup Help Window links for Web surveys.
11/27/05 Updated Help file. Changed Web survey popup windows so they work on a local computer as well as online.
12/5/05 Fixed bug in complex branching for multiple page Web surveys.
12/28/05 Fixed bug in banners when TY=P with a HIDE value label and the WT option.

Released new version 10.2.

The SS option in banners has been enhanced. A digit may be added to SS=A or SS=D to sort the stub excluding the last one or last two value labels. This is useful when the last value label is an "other" or "don't know" category, and you want to sort the stub, but still leave the "other "or "don't know" as the last row on the stub. For example SS=D1 would sort the stub in descending order by frequency, except it would leave the last value label as the last row regardless of its frequency.

Added non-integer (fractional) weighting.

1/28/06 Four new features added to Internet surveys:
1) Added constant sum validity check to grouped text boxes.
2) Added validity check to grouped text boxes used for ranking.
3) Added validity check to require at least x checks in multiple response check boxes.
4) Added ability to delay a branch until respondent clicks the submit button.
2/12/06 Added validity check to require exactly x checks in multiple response check boxes. Modified new validity checks to respect the missing allowed in the codebook.
2/17/06 Fixed problem in Internet surveys when multiple validity checks are on the same page.
2/24/06 Fixed problem setting permissions on when using AutoTransfer to upload files to the Web site.
2/28/06 Fixed problem in banners sorting stub with SS option when TY=P.

Modified Web surveys so you can change the name of to anything you want (except it must have a .pl extension). For example, if you are doing a survey for XYZ company, you might use a CgiBin setting like this:


That way, respondents will see the company name in their address bar while they are taking the survey. If you use AutoTransfer to upload the files to your server, StatPac will automatically rename to while uploading the file. If you manually upload the files to your server, then you need to manually rename the file on your server from to The important thing is that the name of the .pl file on your server is exactly the same as the CgiBin setting in the script. Unix/Linux servers are case sensitive, so make sure you use the same case for the file name.
3/23/06 General maintenance. Numerous minor changes and fixes.
4/2/06 Added automatic retry to failed emails in bulk email sending program.
5/18/06 Fixed problem with weighting option. General maintenance. Numerous minor changes.
6/2/06 Fixed problem with complex branching for Internet surveys.
6/27/06 Modified program so the currently selected variable remains the currently selected variable when going to and from the Grid.
7/19/06 Fixed intermittent bug in piping to a text field for Web surveys.
10/14/06 Fixed problem in with question rotations in Internet surveys
11/22/06 Fixed rounding problem in frequencies when simultaneously using fractional weighting and sorting the response categories.
1/2/07 Changed version number to 10.3. Changed toolbar to colored icons. Changed registration method.
1/18/07 Fixed NE and SH options in banners so the # symbol shows the weighted total count. Fixed formatting problem in frequencies when using fractional weighting.
5/10/07 General maintenance. Numerous minor changes and fixes.
10/1/07 Released new version 11.0   (Application Notes)
10/7/07 Fixed bug where repeated saving and loading eventually corrupted script file.
10/11/07 Fixed browse button in AutoTransfer to the StatPac server so it defaults to the current folder. Fixed email address validity check in AutoTransfer. Fixed problem when downloading a response file that has a different name than the codebook.
10/15/07 Added UpTo validity check for CheckBoxes in Web surveys to set the maximum number of checks allowed. The syntax and useage is similar to the AtLeast validity check.
The format is: UpTo (number) Vx - Vy
10/16/07 Added ability to print two radio button groups side by side.
10/26/07 Fixed problem in AutoTransfer getting default codebook name when the path contained a period.
10/29/07 Fixed problem exporting to Access to prevent a record from becoming too large for Access to handle.
10/31/07 Added Excel export. Fixed alignment problem in side-by-side radio button groups.
11/5/07 Rewrote Excel import. Fixed problem when sending very long (>32K) email invitations.
11/7/07 Fixed path problem in IIS AutoTransfer. Resolved problem with some Vista installations.
11/15/07 Fixed AutoTransfer uploading problem when the server doesn't default to the root folder. Added error trap to catch communication errors with server.
11/22/07 Changed printer selection so it changes the current system default printer.
12/1/07 Fixed problem when multiple graphics are specified as banner images. Changed default view for images to thumbnails.
12/2/07 Fixed problem setting cookie control from the primary settings tab.
2/9/08 Fixed problem importing Excel files that contain non-standard ASCII characters. To activate this feature set FixExcelData = 1 in the System Defaults file.
3/20/08 Fixed problems with BranchDelay setting and HTML preview window focus.
5/22/08 Fixed problem with LinkText and LinkURL commands. Fixed problem with FTP download.
6/6/08 Fixed bug in that prevented specified ID field from being used.
6/20/08 Fixed bug when using /R to randomize variables with horizontal radio buttons.
6/26/08 Fixed problem when using pop-before-smtp in email sending program.
7/8/08 Fixed problem where help text was not showing.
7/11/08 Fixed problem with AutoSum validity check when missing data was not allowed.
3/20/09 Fixed problems with e-mail management programs.
3/31/09 Fixed problem with embedded graphics in bulk email sending program.
5/26/09 Fixed problem in Internet surveys when using a non-StatPac help file.
8/21/09 Fixed problem so that Internet survey text fields respect the Caps Only codebook setting.
9/14/09 Fixed ANOVA problem when DF for a group exceeded 32767.
12/9/09 Fixed problem with delayed branch in matrix radio buttons.
1/8/10 Fixed problem in displayed detail window when returning from grid. Fixed validity check in side-by-side matrix for missing allowed.
3/13/10 MANDATORY UPDATE: Due to a security change on our server, a mandatory update is necessary.
8/2/10 Fixed possible problem when using multiple pipes in the same Question= or Instructions= statements.
8/5/10 Fixed problem with the Rank statement.
9/25/10 Released new version 12.0  (Application Notes)
10/3/10 Numerous improvements to automatic Topline creation.
10/11/10 More improvements to automatic Topline. Improvements in autocopy from workspace to detail window. Autocopy now adds code= portion to the label. Right click in the question area of the detail window duplicates the previous variable. Right click in the response choices field duplicates the previous value labels.
10/13/10 Added command line processing. Added file type associations for .cod, .dat, and .pro files (XP only). This means that when using Windows Explorer, you can double click these files to launch StatPac. In Vista and Windows 7, you have to add the associations manually by double clicking on the file and setting the "Open With" to StatPac. Fixed problem with Rank command when missing allowed.
10/15/10 Fixed problem with the Let command when new variable begins with the letter "V".
10/22/10 Fixed error 53 problem in AutoTransfer.
10/27/10 Added IP control in addition to cookie control. Added security to cookie cutter file. Documentation.
11/2/10 Added additional security to perl script to prevent cross-site access and hacking attempts. In the system defaults file, HTML_AllowCrossSite = 0 will prevent access from another site and HTML_AllowCrossSite = 1 will allow it. If you place the loader page on your own Web site, but use the StatPac site for hosting your survey, then set HTML_AllowCrossSite = 1. Documentation   Also fixed Ctrl X, C, and V in Design/Internet Survey Script Window.
11/7/10 Improved highlight/click copy of response categories from workspace to detail window to handle a greater variety of formats.
11/23/10 Fixed problem where a control Z could cause freezing.
12/6/10 Added "untaint" to for increased security. Added KR21 and Spearman-Brown split-half reliability to correlation. When Chronbach's alpha is requested with CA=Y, the KR21 and split-half reliability coefficients will also be printed when all the variables are dichotomous. All variables must be coded as 1 for correct and 0 for incorrect.
12/21/10 Fixed saving probabilities with missing data when running probit or logit regression
3/9/11 Moved auto-topline creation to Analysis/System menu. Added scroll-bar to Design/Internet Survey window. First use of the Duplicate button in the Grid will add _1 to the previous variable name if it's not there already.
3/12/11 Added ability to create a text box adjacent to any (or all) of the items in a radio button variable, set of multiple response variables, and horizontal matrix radio buttons. Documentation
3/28/11 Added ability to hide codes in horizontal matrix radio buttons. Added ability to create horizontal matrix checkboxes. Documentation
4/3/11 Modified so a period can be part of a path or filename (other than the extension). Added .png extension to recognized graphics files. Fixed potential problem with piping.
5/3/11 Fixed problem when sorting more than 260,000 data records.
5/27/11 Fixed problem uploading multiple files when using Server/FTP to the StatPac hosting server.
6/27/11 Added utility program to convert dichotomous multiple response data to StatPac multiple response format. Useful after importing data that codes multiple response variables as 1's and blanks. Also added MX option to frequencies to analyze dichotomous multiple response data without conversion. Documentation
8/3/11 Fixed problem with batch file path when using the RUN command to chain from one procedure file to another.
8/5/11 Added option to save an SPSS syntax file when exporting to Excel or delimited files. A text file with the same name as the exported data and a .sps extension will be created. The file can be opened with any text editor and the contents can be copied and pasted into the SPSS syntax editor to create variable labels and value labels in SPSS.
8/10/11 Eliminated erroneous error message when importing data from a survey that contains rotations.
8/24/11 Added ability to create a hyperlinked Table of Contents. In the System Defaults change HyperlinkTOC = 0 to HyperlinkTOC =1. Then, when selecting System/Current Table of Contents, it will contain hyperlinks to the pages in the batch file. When pasting a hyperlinked Table of Contents into the beginning of a document, you may need to use Edit/Paste Special/Formatted Text (RTF) instead of just Paste.
10/10/11 Fixed problem with Slider.
10/18/11 Fixed problem when attaching multiple text boxes to a group of horizontal radio matrix buttons.
11/17/11 Released version 12.1.Changed select random records utility, centered "Table of Contents" header, and many other minor changes. Added new password control for Internet surveys. Documentation
12/9/11 Added case-sensitive switch to the sort command. To use, add a /C to the end of the sort command. In most cases you will not want to use this switch, but if you plan to merge sorted files based on a common variable, you may want to use the switch, especially if the common variable contains symbols (e.g., email addresses).
2/26/12 New searchable online manual in Beta. Modified the SELECT command to allow a random selection of records from the data file. Added the ability to turn blocks of lines in a procedure file into comments. Documentation
3/10/12 Added new utility program in the Sampling menu to create a variable that can be used for weighting. Uses rim weighting technique to let you weight by multiple variables simultaneously  Added ability to create a "rejected records" file in the utility program to select random records from a file. Documentation  
3/13/12 Added support for double-byte character sets and right to left text flow in Internet surveys.  Documentation
3/19/12 In Internet surveys, global page width can now be set to pixels as well as percent (use for targeting tablets and iPhones). Any global width number over 100 will be interpreted as pixels. When selecting a Wallpaper, the default path will be C:\StatPac\Wallpapers. Improved layout and spacing of the table of contents. Fixed problem with slider not using the codebook value labels as the default labeling. Added message for mobile and tablet users when slider is used on a page to type their answer in the textbox..
7/1/12 Released version 14.0. Added many new features and changed many functions. Documentation
9/26/12 Changed branching to use DHTML to show or hide questions. Documentation
3/1/13 Numerous minor changes. Added sort by means to breakdown analysis (ST=M). Added quartiles to descriptive statistics with OA option. Fixed bug in branching.
3/5/13 Utility program to determine how long a respondent needed to complete an Internet survey. Download from Will calculate seconds from start to finish.
3/34/13 Improved table of contents to eliminate duplicates and choose better font size.
10/16/13 Released version 15.0. Added many new features and changed many functions. Documentation
11/12/13 Fixed problem with AS option persistence. Improved no-cache algorithm.
12/6/13 Fixed numerous small problems and added a filter to eliminate HTML tags when importing data from Survey Monkey.
12/8/13 Version 15.1 - Fixed javascript date function that has been deprecated (was affecting the cookie expiration date). Added search for a variable name on the main screen and the Grid (use Edit>Find or Ctrl F). Added mouse wheel scroll to the results editor. Added ability to use IF-THEN syntax with the LET command to assign a value to an existing variable (not to create a new variable).
2/24/14 Modified Analysis so System/Current Batch File uses Microsoft Word. The easiest method for adding a table of contents is to run the analysis batch to file. Select System/Current Table of Contents. Type Ctrl A, Ctrl C to copy it to the clipboard. Select System/Current Batch File. Select Edit/Paste Special. Select Formatted Text (rtf). and then Save the document.
3/16/14 Modified bulk email sending program so it will automatically correct some errors in email addresses.
5/2/14 Fixed branching problem for horizontal radio buttons. 
6/21/14 Fixed bug in median calculation for banners when the stub was parametric (TY=P) and the banners had multiple response variables.
6/27/14 Added RHFontSize=x and RHBold=x to set the font for the horizontal labeling. RHFontSize=10 will set the horizontal labeling to 10pt and RHBold=Yes will turn on bold for the horizontal labeling and RHBold=No will turn it off. The commands may be used anywhere in the script.
7/26/14 Increased the number of rows available for the word list in open-ended response coding. Added a column paste routine in the grid for the variable names or variable labels. To use this feature, copy a column of variable names or labels to the clipboard from Excel or another application (not value labels). In the Grid, select the variable names or labels cell where you want to begin pasting. Then select Edit/Paste (not control V) to paste the text.
9/29/14 Numerous minor bug fixes. Added HTML=text to the script (where text is any valid HTML to be inserted into the page). For example, HTML=<hr> will insert a horizontal line. If the HTML to be inserted requires quotation marks, use single (not double) quotes.
10/3/15 Released version 16.0. Added new features, enhanced many functions, and fixed many irritations. Documentation
12/1/15 Added field to the .ini file to swap the ID and IP during an Internet file import. Setting value to 1 sets the IP as the unique identifier for multiple page surveys. Added new operators >> (ends with) and << (begins with). For example, If Date>>"15/16" Then Select will select all the 2015 and 2016 dates. If Date<<"11"  Then Select will select all the dates that begin with 11 (i.e., Novembers).
1/20/16 Converted help to compiled Help file (.chm) so a help reader is no longer necessary.
3/26/16 Fixed sporadic bug in SB (sort banner) option.
8/5/16 Removed server forced enforcement for the 2 computer installation limit and changed to the honor system. You may still install on 2 computers simultaneously, but our sever will not prevent additional installations,. Version 16 only.
8/29/16 Fixed bug in banners. Medians were not sorting properly when TY=P and SS was used to sort the stub variables.
12/8/16 Changed the algorithm for calculating the median for weighted data from an estimate to an exact value in descriptives and banners with the TY=P option.
2/6/17 Fixed bug in medians when using OA option.
2/22/17 Vertical bar | was not creating a page break in banners when TY=P
2/24/17 Fixed bug sorting the N's in a descriptives OA table.
6/7/17 Fixed bug in descriptives when using weighting with very low n.
8/2/17 Fixed branching bug in radio buttons when other category was present.


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