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After 35 years, StatPac is no longer in business. A series of health issues has made it impossible for me to continue running the company.

StatPac for Windows is now freeware. Use the following information to activate the demo.
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This web site and the server will remain open for a few years.

Thank you to all our users for supporting us for the past three decades.



Survey software for online surveys, web surveys, e-mail surveys, paper questionnaires, and telephone interviewing.   StatPac for Windows
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"StatPac is a powerful and useful survey and statistics program."

               Comprehensive survey software for conducting any kind of survey. The industry standard for crosstab and banner tables.

Software for survey design and statistical analysis. Multiple data collection methods: Internet, email, tablet, smart phone, paper, scanned, phone interviews (CATI), in-person interviews, manual data entry from paper questionnaires, and importing of most data files.

       ● Create Internet surveys and host them on your Web site or ours
       ● Analyze any type of question, including open-ended text
       ● Basic and advanced statistics - comprehensive analyses

Do you frequently use words like topline and banner tables in your work? If so, then you'll feel comfortable using StatPac right away. Learning time is fast because we're already speaking the same language.

Is significance testing important to your work? If so, StatPac is your clear choice. The software offers in-depth statistical analyses that goes far beyond the "fluff" often found in other survey software packages.

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Hosted surveys. You write the questions and we'll handle the rest. Managed Surveys & Online Survey Hosting
You Write the Questions...
We'll put them on the Internet
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 Web Survey Hosting
Hassle-free survey hosting. We'll manage your survey for you.

                       Don't want to spend the time it takes to learn new software? Give us your survey questions in a MS Word document and we'll turn them into beautifully formatted Internet pages and host them on our Web servers. We can send personalized email invitations and follow-ups to your list. When the survey closes, you'll get publication-ready topline and stub and banner (crosstabs) tables.

Fully managed solutions. You get hosted surveys, fast turnaround, comprehensive reports, low cost, and most of all... no hassles. Learn more about fully managed and hosted surveys.

Statistics Calculator software for statistical analysis significance tests  Statistics Calculator
                       The Statistics Calculator software is an indispensable tool for survey researchers who need a quick test to estimate sample size, or compare means or percents.

All the common statistical analysis significance tests in a handy easy-to-use software program. You don't have to be a statistician or rocket scientist to use it. Fill in the form and get instant answers.

 If you're working with research or business data, download the Statistics Calculator.



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Survival Statistics - Survey statistics made easy  Survival Statistics Book

                  Everyone can easily understand the basic concepts of survey research and statistical analysis. It's not like the old days where you had to memorize formulas and do a lot of arithmetic. Learn statistics without pain! Focus on concepts - not arithmetic.

Learn important survey research and statistics concepts without the hassle of complicated arithmetic.

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Selected Topics
Download selected topics from Survival Statistics.

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