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When most people say they want to do an email survey what they really mean is they want to send an email invitation to potential respondents with a link in the email that says "Click here to take the survey". Clicking on the link takes the respondent to a survey hosted on the Internet. If that's what you're interested in, then click here to learn about our online survey software.

However, StatPac also has the ability to send emails where the email itself is the survey, and it lets you import respondents' answers into an ASCII data file without having to manually retype responses. The problem with email surveys is that all people do not have html email readers. Thus, in order to be usable by all potential respondents, you are limited to plain text email surveys.

Plain text email surveys aren't pretty and we usually advise against using them. StatPac will automatically create the body text for the email survey from the codebook. Respondents click the reply button in their email program and then complete the survey by filling in text, numbers, and X's between the brackets. They then click the send button in their email program to forward their responses to you.

Would you like to see what it's like to receive an email survey from the respondent's perspective? Just send a blank email to and our auto-responder will send you a sample email survey.

Using StatPac's email survey software you can:

Manage your email lists (e.g., clean, sort, join, split)

Send personalized email surveys to potential respondents.

Track who responded to your email survey and send a reminder to those who didn't.

Capture respondents answers in an ASCII text file.

Export the data to Access or a tab or comma delimited text file.

Here is how a few sample questions might appear to the respondent:

From: Me
To: You
Subject: A sample email survey

Please click the REPLY BUTTON of your email program
to participate in this survey. Then complete the survey

1. What is your gender?     [   ] Male   [   ] Female
(Place an X between the brackets to indicate your response)

2. How old are you?     [         ]
(Please type your answer between the brackets)

3. What is your favorite brand?
(Place an X between the brackets to indicate your response)

[   ] Brand X      [   ] Brand Y
[   ] Brand Z      [   ] Undecided

4. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate our product?
(Please type your answer between the brackets)

Rating: [      ]     (1=Poor & 10=Excellent)

5. What is the one thing we could do to improve our product?
(Please type your answer between the brackets)
[                                                                         ]




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