The New Widget Market Research Survey

A month ago we gave you a prototype of our widget to test and use in your home. Please complete this short survey to give us your honest opinions about the marketability of the widget.

Overall, how favorable or unfavorable is your opinion of the widget?
     Very good

What do you like most about the widget?

What do you like least about the widget?

How often do you think you'd use the widget over the next year?
     Once a week or more
     2-3 times a month
     Once a month
     Every 2-3 months
     2-3 times a year
     Once a year or less

How interested would you be in buying this new widget if it were within your budget?
     Not at all interested
     Not very interested
     Not sure
     Somewhat interested
     Extremely interested

About how much would you expect to pay for a new widget?

Overall, what would be the THREE most important factors in choosing a widget?
     Low price
     Good value
     High quality construction
     Good warranty & service
     Recognized brand name
     Shopping convenience
     Good sales representative
     Broad selection of accessories
     Don't know

In your opinion, what would be the best way to advertise the widget?
     Display in store

Thank you for completing this survey!

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