Web Survey Example

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A Sample One-Page Web Survey

This is an example of an internet survey created automatically by StatPac. It will demonstrate some of the features available in the web survey module. It has not been edited in any way to make it look better. The special comments (in yellow) were created by the software to highlight some of the features used in this survey.

The first field (gender) has been set to require input, while all the rest of the items are optional. There's also a skip pattern. Males get asked their age and females don't.

1. What is your gender?

2. How old are you?
Under 18
45 or Older

3. What best describes your situation?
I'm ready to buy right now
I'm still gathering information

Multiple response variables are shown with check boxes. A very useful feature is the ability to add a text box behind the "Other" category.

4. Where did you hear about StatPac? (Check all that apply)
Magazine or Newsletter
Word of mouth
Other - please specify:    

StatPac makes it easy to switch to a horizontal format for items which should be logically grouped together. Also, notice that you can insert a link for a popup window that can be used to explain an item more fully. For example, here's one:   Please Click Here for More Information

5. Please rate our software on each of the following items.
  Very Good Very Poor
  1 2 3 4 5
5a. Overall, how would you rate the StatPac software?
5b. Quality of the documentation.
5c. Ease of learning.
5d. Ease of use.
5e. Power and completeness.
5f. Quality of the technical support.

StatPac supports numerous validity and range checks. On the next question, valid answers are between 0 and 5000. It will also format responses to two decimal places when you move the cursor to the next field.

6. What do you feel would be a fair price for this product? (in US dollars please)

Long open-ended text is easily handled by StatPac..

7. What is the one thing we could do to improve StatPac the most?

This survey is set up to prevent people from taking it twice. When you click the submit button StatPac will give you a cookie. If you try to take the survey again, StatPac will see your cookie and reroute your browser. After you click the submit button you will also be shown a "cookie cutter" so you can delete the cookie if you want to test it again.