StatPac Statistical Analysis Products

StatPac statistical analysis software is comprehensive and dependable.

StatPac Inc. was the first statistical analysis software company in the world to offer PC based statistics programs. We originally developed our statistical analysis software in 1978 for the Radio Shack TRS Model I computer, nearly five years before IBM even released their first desktop PC, and we've continued to improve our statistics programs since that time. StatPac statistical analysis software is known the world over for its dependability and accuracy.

StatPac for Windows is our flagship product, offering a wide selection of basic statistics and advanced statistical analysis techniques. These include: frequency analysis, crosstab and banner tables with significance tests, descriptive statistics, breakdowns, matched-pairs and independent samples t-tests, correlations, analysis of variance (ANOVA), linear regression, nonlinear regression, curve fitting, stepwise multiple regression, probit regression and logistic regression, canonical correlation, principal components analysis, factor analysis, cluster analysis, stepwise discriminant function analysis, and perceptual mapping.

StatPac for Windows is easy to learn and use. There's a great tutorial on our web site that will help you master the package in a few short hours. You'll be able to begin analyzing your own data the same day you receive the software. The documentation is clear, concise, and contains an abundance of examples and illustrations. Help is just a keystroke away.

StatPac for Windows handles every step of your research project from questionnaire design to the statistics reports. It meets the unique demands of research. It's fast, comprehensive, and easy to use.

We also offer the Statistics Calculator. The Statistics Calculator puts significance testing in the palm of your hand. It's an indispensable tool for report writers who need a quick test to compare means or percents. Get instant answers. No waiting or delays. Make comparisons on the fly and include them in your report. An indispensable tool for social science and marketing researchers.

Survival Statistics is our acclaimed statistics book that takes the mystery out of statistics. We believe that everyone can easily understand the basic concepts of statistics. It's not like the old days where you had to memorize formulas and do a lot of arithmetic. Survival Statistics focuses on concepts... not formulas. Sure, the formulas are there for those who want them, but it's much more important that you know: 1) what statistic you need for a given situation, 2) how to interpret a statistic, and 3) how to make a statement with a statistic.

That's what Survival Statistics is about. It's written in plain English to teach you the concepts of quantitative research. It discusses important issues like validity, reliability, hypotheses, types of data, the basic analysis methods, and much more. It has everything you need to know to conduct a research project.


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