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Data Manager

Deleting a record is a fairly common procedure because duplicate records are often discovered in a data file. There are two ways to delete a record. The first is to click on the DEL Button on the far right of the menu bar. The second way to delete a record is to select Edit, Delete Current Record.

StatPac will not actually delete the record at this time. Instead, the contents of all variables in the record are set to blanks (missing). In this way, the record is marked for deletion rather than actually being deleted. The rationale being that deleting a record would cause all subsequent records to move down in the data file, in effect changing their record numbers. Since editing is often done by record number, it is important that the record numbers do not change during an editing session.

When you decide to eliminate the blank data records, select Options on the top menu bar, then chose Compact Data. This will change the record numbers for future editing sessions. If you want to preserve the record numbers for the next editing session, don't compact the file. You can manually compact the data file at any time by selecting Options, Compact Data File. If you have deleted records, it is important to compact the data file before performing any statistical analysis. Otherwise, the deleted records would be counted as missing data in the analysis.

You have finished the Data Management portion of the tutorial. To begin learning the Analyses portion, click the forward arrow below.

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